Signature Presentations: Enabling Entrepreneurial Business Owners To Grow Their Businesses Through Presenting

"Quickly Create Persuasive

Signature Presentations

That Convert Your Audiences Into Customers For Life..."

(Even if you hate writing, speaking and selling)

What Is A Signature Presentation?

A Signature Presentation is the most effective, proven and tested way to attract new prospects and convert them into buying customers. A well-crafted Signature Presentation is the best way to build your credibility, authority and influence. 

It is the best way to present from One To Many.

Over the last 100 years, well known experts like Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Steve Jobs, Gary Val, Amy Porterfield, Lisa Stanevich, Dan Kennedy have built massive multi-billion dollar businesses on the back of their presentations. Most of them have discovered how it is possible to learn a skill which will provide you with all freedom, money and fulfilment you need to have an amazing life. In fact, it is possible to make more money from a single 60-90 minute presentation delivered to the right audience than the average person earns in a year. 

What these experts all agree on is being able to present your product or service to an audience is one of the highest paid skills in the world. Ever since humans have gathered those people who can effectively and persuasively become the wealthiest, most respected and powerful influencers. They change lives and transform people.

The truth is people respect and admire those who have the confidence to present and share their knowledge. Whether that is on stage or via a webinar. 

Whether presenting in small rooms with audiences of 40...400 or 4,000 in a stadium, you need to have a Signature Presentation.

In fact, speaking has been the foundation for most of the current gurus you have heard of - even those claiming to be experts in internet marketers!

Put it this way, the more I present, the more money I make.

If you're an entrepreneur, like me, you've probably attend more than your fair share of seminars, live events and webinars. Have you ever wondered how some of the presenters can speak to an audience and then have people rushing to complete their order forms to invest in their products or services?

This isn't by blind luck. These presenters are following a secret, little talked about formula, which 

There is a proven step-by step formula which will take 

Every part of the presentation is crafted to be there for a specific purpose - to invest in you your products and your services.

Everything in your Signature Presentation is designed to get your audience to know, like and trust you enough to want to invest in your products and services. 

An effective Signature presentation is, without doubt, the quickest, simplest and best way to build a profitable business. 

A Signature Presentation truly has the potential to change you business, change your lifestyle and change your future. 

Let me show you how it works:

Why You Absolutely Need A Signature Presentation...

One Persuasive Signature Presentation Will Transform Your Business. If you are a business owner you know you need to be out there telling people about your products and services. 

If you want to get in front of audiences and deliver massive value, great content and then you want them to invest in your products or services, whether it's an online program, a book,  a course or coaching. Whether you are a bricks and mortar business who wants to attract more clients. This will work for you. 

Signature Presentations are the fastest way to get clients on board. No long drawn out sales funnels. You will see results within days and hours. 

The Most Cost Effective Way To Generate  More Prospects

Online or offline

Imagine opening up a webinar to find a hungry crowd waiting for your presentation. Then for the next 90 minutes you captivate their attention and inspire every one in attendance.

Then at the end of the webinar, as you start to wrap up, the orders start to come in, one after another.  

The Sell More Products And Services

Create Persuasive Signature Presentations which are proven to convert your audiences into actual paying customers who will benefits from your products and services.

Remember you are not just selling a product or service. You are making a difference in people's are selling your vision. And, as they come to understand what you can do for them, they will be excited to want to invest in you.

Which Businesses Do Signature Presentations Work For?

Tell us what type of business you own, and we'll show you how to implement a Signature Presentation which will attract more prospects and generate more sales. 

  • Agency Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Network Marketers
  • Local Small Businesses
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Non-Profits

Who This Is NOT For...

If you are a motivational or inspirational speaker, and you just want to get paid for making speeches, then this is not for you. This is for people who want to attract more prospects and get more customers. 

There is a big different between a motivational speaker and some who is growing their business through presenting. 

Not Sure How You Would Use A Signature Presentation To Grow Your Business?

Tell us what type of business you own, and we'll show you how to implement a Signature Presentation which will attract more prospects and generate more sales. 

Need To Know MORE About What A Signature Presentation Can Do For You?

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Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are Using A Signature Presentation?


An informing, entertaining and constructive use of time for any small business owner — a clever and simple way of explaining and teaching principles that can be applied immediately.

Louise Hockaday , Coach, Mentor, Consultant

An extremely valuable workshop, time very well spent! It has helped reframe the conversation. Thank you, Adrian.


Adrian is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced. It's always a pleasure to learn from a real expert. I look forward to putting his advice into practice; I am sure it will have a significant effect on my sales.


Interesting and enjoyable session with some lightbulb moments and a new way to look at my business.

Kjellfrid Castle , Coffee Importer/Distributor

Very useful - lots to think about and a number of things I'm sure I can apply to my business.

Stephen Henshaw , Scientific Recruiter

A very clear understanding. A great few hours of how to skyrocket your business. Thoroughly recommend!

Penny Plimmer , Commercial Photographer

We attended the training today and found it useful and interesting. The training was really well-structured and clearly presented. It involved good examples of marketing to illustrate the principles that were being explained. We found the training useful as it involved us thinking of examples that can be used in our own business. We would recommend this training to anyone who wants to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Catherine Draper , Secret Shopper

Adrian's approach is simple to follow, straight to the point and extremely useful - delivering valuable information. I'm looking forward to putting in use.


Adrian helped me craft a unique message and gave me a great structure to my messaging, even though I work in marketing and believe I know everything about copywriting!


Adrian gave a great presentation it was informative and engaging. A thoroughly enjoyable glimpse into this marketing approach.


A great insight into how The 4UP Principles work. Adrian delivered an informative brief, I am keen on taking this knowledge further and being learning more on how to use to fully. This process makes sense to me, and I would highly recommend attendance. Thank you for making marketing easy.

Andrew Carter , Associate Consultant

Thank you Adrian, really useful information, a very enjoyable workshop.

Nikki Scott

A great workshop that brought fantastic principles to the table.


Adrian has been thorough explaining everything, in simple English, giving plenty of ideas and examples.

Katie Darke , Managing Director

I found the delivery clear and helpful and has increased my desire to learn more. I know I need to invest in more marketing learning and this workshop has definitely piqued my interest - Thank you

Lesley Holyoake , Listening Coach

Adrian broke down the process of positioning my business into bite-size chunks. By the end of the workshop, I was able to talk more confidently about the benefits of the service we provide and why my customers should buy it, without being a slimy, salesy salesperson. Thanks!


A very straightforward taster session, thanks to Adrian for his help.


Well-delivered, good value! A refreshing approach to an age-old issue! Thank you!


A very effective workshop that engaged the audience and helped us expand on the issues we have and the solutions to solve them.


Incredible training session. A new fresh approach I've not been trained in before, which was simple but makes perfect sense.

Julie Cowen

Today has been a clarifying workshop. Understanding things I'm doing right and things I need to improve on. Different thought patterns.

Angela Anderson , Bowen Practitioner

Great, simple and easy to follow. I left with a plan.

Mark Jones , Mortgage Advisor

There is a plethora of great information in this workshop.

Its information is structured, step-by-step, easy to understand and apply. The supporting materials are comprehensive - the training manual is a goldmine in itself.

Highly recommend to anyone running a business who wants a framework to work for customer acquisition.

Sue Portman , Sales Copywriter

This workshop was full of valuable content which was presented with humour and with very relevant supporting notes. I am taking away lots, and I can use it immediately and with food for thought.

Jackie Wright , Business Owner

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Do I need more than one Signature Presentation?

How long does it take to create a Signature Presentation?

If I have any questions, is there someone I can talk to?

If Signature Presentations are so great, why doesn't every business have one?

About Adrian

For more than 20 years,Adrian has engaged, motivated and educated audiences to change their actions and attitudes in ways proven to build better businesses. As a sales trainer, entrepreneur, copywriter and speaker, who has experienced over 60 different industries from Financial Services to Self-development.

For the past few years, I have been to and watched more presentations and webinars than I care to admit. I've studied the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. 

I have seen that there is an art and a science to creating a powerful persuasive presentation. There is nothing spontaneous, ad-libbed or off the cuff. 

Everything in your presentation in in 

Having presented both B2B and B2C products and services, trusted by some of the biggest organisations in the UK and Internationally, small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits to deliver powerful, persuasive Signature Presentations. 

Yes, my whole business has been built up from the ground up by doing Presentations and Webinars. 

I deliver

Clean, powerful, life-changing, skill building content, techniques and strategies which educate, motivate and energise. 

Entertaining, engaging and persuasive Signature Presentations which audiences relate and resonate with. 

As an in-demand business consultant, I teach many entrepreneurial business owners how to grow a more profitable business faster. My clients know and appreciate me, for being direct, straight forward and to the point. 

So let me be direct with you now. Getting in front of a group of people, whether online or offline, and delivering an amazing value-packed presentation loaded with tons of valuable, actionable information, tips and strategies is a powerful thing. Hopefully, by this stage, you may be thinking that delivering such a presentation is an incredible way to get your audience to follow you., to want to learn more about you, and to want to invest in your products and services. You would be absolutely right!

Now is the time to invest in your future growth and profitability. 

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